What is GarageBand? – There’s something to know

GarageBand is a simulated recording studio for all common iDevices. With GarageBand you can compose music on your Mac or iPad, record your voice and edit it later in the app. There are connections to iTunes, iCloud and SoundCloud to share the music.

What features does GarageBand have?

What is GarageBand?  - There's something to know

GarageBand is available for android free of charge. With the compact recording studio for Mac, you can easily create music and sounds and then share them on the preferred platform. The program supports common music editing tools and allows the user to use a variety of effects.

What can you do in GarageBand?

  1. Record voices and musical instruments: You can record high-quality sounds as you like using the microphone.
  2. Arrange and mix music: You can rearrange certain areas and also trim, mix, and add effects via the “Tracks” area.
  3. Make global changes: Different tracks make it possible to work non-destructively. You can make changes to speed and pace later.
  4. Add Apple Loops: GarageBand has an extensive library of finished samples. You can use them in your projects as you wish.
  5. Music with other parts: When your project is finished, you can export it to iTunes, iCloud, or SoundCloud. You can also export it to your hard drive or CD.