Mistplay Secrets

As soon as you download this program you will verify it is really easy to collect points to request your initial payment. You ought to know that Mistplay program was started in 2016 and has more than 10 million downloads and we have the definitive trick so you may use it in almost any country you live in.

Proof of payment

All users who have an Android cell phone can download Mistplay from Google Play. We are aware that this application is available in many countries but we don’t know which ones exactly. If you are reading me from an unauthorized nation, I would love if you leave a comment at the end of the article.

Officially, Mistplay is not on the App Store, nor is it available in certain places. In this situation you have an alternative that’s to download the Mistplay APK and / or use a VPN to connect to your account. In their official site they make it very clear that”you cannot use a VPN to play in the app”, and they reserve the right to cancel your account if you do.

When you have logged in, you will see a small tutorial that will explain the performance of Mistplay at a summarized way. Basically, mistplay uk is your loyalty program for mobile players, who make points as they play and redeem the points for gift cards and other prizes.

In no section of the FAQs do they inform about the accessible countries, we do not understand anything regarding LATAM (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, etc). Using Mistplay via VPN or APK is the responsibility of the user .

When starting to use an app to bring in money, the first thing we wish to know is if you are paying. Well indeed, Mistplay pays and also very fast. I’ll also tell you but everyone can ask for a refund to the first day of usage because the minimal to charge is very small.

You will also have to accept the terms of the app and notably”Allow to show on other applications”. Whichever terminal you use you will need to activate the tab.

Mistplay app is an application that allows us to earn money by playing from our mobile phone. We wanted to present an program that will pay us to have an enjoyable time and we think you will enjoy Mistplay.

Once you’ve downloaded the app on your telephone, you will notice a display to create an account. It’s possible to link with Google, Facebook or by entering an email.