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Bruce Arnold

This is guitarist Bruce Arnold’s Feedback Zone Blog where people can get involved in the creation of his music. Posts of his audio tracks from his upcoming CDs will be put up in the Feedback Zone Blog section of this website. You can then listen to various takes and mixes and give your input.

In the past, most of Bruce Arnold’s CDs have been a “live in the studio” situation where the entire musical event was created without any overdubs. Since Bruce lost his studio in Hurricane Sandy he has been able to continue recording, but in a situation where all instruments can’t be recorded simultaneously. Thus the layering process used by most musicians nowadays is the only way forward for the foreseeable future. Being at heart an improviser, this approach is new and not optimum. But the new process also has its up side where rather than an instant in time being etched in stone on a CD, a contemplation can take place and musical decisions can be more plastic.

With all of Bruce Arnold’s music there is always an underlying theoretical concept. His compositions and improvisations are always making reference to the use of specific pitch class sets. You can read about these ideas at the other blog on his main artist site.

The Feedback Zone is a place where you can communicate, encourage, give your 2 cents, and get involved in the process. You also get to hear Bruce’s music before anyone else does. While the mixes found on this site are not the final product they are only a few steps away. In many cases the only other process will be the mastering of each track. If you do visit and listen please give us some feedback. Maintaining this site is a lot of work which we will gladly do it if we see the interest on your part so please let us know what you think along the way.

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