Vanishing Point

Bruce Arnold

Bruce Arnold

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This track will most likely be the title cut of the CD. Still getting use to this idea of overdubbing an entire CD I do miss the subtle interaction that occurs and I usually like to to leave the performance fairly near the original. But especially on this tune it is quite “produced.” I do like how it’s coming out but certainly is a new avenue of expression for me. Hope you enjoy “Vanishing Point” and please leave some comments to tell me what you think.

“Vanishing Point” Details

“Vanishing Point” is a composition inspired by the Denmark hit series “Borgen” theme song. “Borgen” is sort of like the USA’s “West Wing” TV Series. Again I used a Music Man JP Custom and Fractal Axe-EFX 2 for all sounds. I did not use an amp. There are five mixes that I’m sharing with you. Mix: 3,4,7,8,9.

Technical Details

For those of you who are interested, I again used the 025 pitch class set for everything within the composition including the solo. The chord progression was created by using one note from each of the three note groups that the beginning riff outlines. The bass notes of the progression go like this:


For the solo form we changed up the harmonic rhythm of the chords to give an odd meter sound to the solo. In reality we are just changing the chords in different places rather than on “one” of each measure. Still when you are soloing over the changes you still have to solo in odd meter phrases.

If you want to learn more about using pitch class set theory in contemporary composition and improvisation I recommend these books:

Sonic Resource Guide
My Music

Check out the audio and please come back to this page and leave a comment. There are links to bring you back.

Listen to Audio for “Vanishing Point”

Looking forward to your comments!


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