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Bruce Arnold

Bruce Arnold

Hi I’m Guitarist Bruce Arnold and I hope you have some fun here listening and diving into some of my latest music which will be released on my forthcoming CD. You can listen to various mixes of my new music and hopefully let me know what you think. I’ve placed the audio on another server for better streaming which isn’t optimal but will give you a better experience when listening. I do give links back to the Feedback Zone Blog so that you can easily leave your comments.

Along the way I will give you important information on how the music was recorded, mixed, technical information on tools used to mix along with some musical information on how the composition was conceived. I will also reference various books that might help you understand the structures that I use in my music. I also have a blog on my main artist website that will also be referenced from time to time because it contains blog entries that can help you understand my music. As mentioned I will also reference books that I’ve written that are available on the website.

I’m hoping to get some charts upload please bear with me :) When it’s ready please see the Charts section of this website to view or download the charts to follow along as you listen. These charts will also help you to see the internal structure of the composition.

OK let’s get started. Select a tune from the “Feedback Zone Blog” menu above or choose from the list below:

click here to read about and listen to the first track “Big Bout Yah.”

click here to read about and listen to the 2nd track “Vanishing Point.”

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